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Metal Technologies, Inc. Education Center

         The Metal Technologies, Inc. Education Center is home to the museum's education department. Located on level II of the museum, it is used for educating student groups and the public as part of the museum’s mission. Thousands of children and adults have used this facility since its opening in 2005.  

The center also houses to museums vast archival collection. The museum archive is located in a hermetically sealed area of the education center, which allows the museum to protect its collection for many years to come. Original Auburn Automobile Company and Duesenberg, Inc. blueprints, original publicity photos, examples of advertising literature and original artwork from Gordon Buehrig and Alan Leamy are just a few of the items in the museum archival collection that are protected in the archive.   

Metal Technologies, Inc. is the education center sponsor and is a worldwide metal caster with its corporate headquarters in Auburn. It operates three metal-casting facilities in Michigan and Auburn, Indiana.  Rick James, Metal Technologies, Inc. chairman and CEO, formed the company in 1997.  Metal Technologies is a significant corporate citizen in our community and views the Museum as an important part of Auburn's past AND future.