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Gordon Buehrig Gallery of Design

Sponsored by Alcoa Foundation
Co-sponsored by E. L. Cord Foundation  &
Charles and Barbara Goodman Foundation

Explore the exciting story of automobile design through three of the world's greatest marques, Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg. Follow the career of master designer Gordon Buehrig.  The process of design is illustrated through examples of automobiles and components produced by the Auburn Automobile Company and Duesenberg, Inc.  The gallery interprets both the practice and the evolution of automotive design.

Featured items on exhibit in this gallery include:

Personal drafting set of Gordon Buehrig - This is the drafting set that Buehrig used while at Duesenberg, Inc. to style some of the greatest automobiles ever produced.

Gordon Buehrig's Automotive Hall of Fame Medal

Gordon Buehrig's TASCO scale model