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The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum’s automobile collection is made up of many fine examples from six key areas of focus. They include the following and are ranked in order of importance to the mission of the Museum:


  1. Auburns, Cords and Duesenbergs of the Classic Era (1925-1937)
  2. Other Auburn Automobile Company automobiles
  3. Other Full Classics TM
  4. Other Indiana made automobiles
  5. Other automobiles made in Auburn, Indiana
  6. Automobiles of Special Interest (These are vehicles that represent the best qualities of Auburns, Cords or Duesenbergs, for example they must excel in luxury, styling, performance or engineering.)

The automobile collection includes significant examples, dating from the 1890s to the 21st Century, illustrating the achievements of the Auburn Automobile Company as well as automobiles from other manufacturers.  The automobiles are both owned by the museum and loaned by individuals, private collections and other museums. There are approximately 120 automobiles on exhibit at any one time. 

The museum continuously seeks to hone and to upgrade its automobile collection to fully reflect the museum’s mission and to enhance its interpretation.  The museum maintains an automobile collection wish list that is reviewed and updated annually, the current list is as follows:

Automobile Collection Wish List:

Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg

Auburn-Any 1905-1907 Auburn

Auburn-First Generation Speedster

L-29 Cord-Closed and Custom bodied

Cord-812 Custom Berline 

Duesenberg Model A

Duesenberg Model X

Duesenberg Model J- different body styles than currently owned

Any outstanding, original examples of Auburns, Cords or Duesenbergs


Auburn, Indiana Automobiles

Any Auburn, Indiana built vehicle that is not currently known to exist such as Model, Union, Handywagon, etc.


Full Classics TM

Early V-12 Lincoln

Cadillac V-16

Marmon V-16

Early 1930's Packard

European Classics

Unusual Custom Bodied Vehicles

Imperial Dual Cowl Phaeton

Rolls Royce Phantom I

Indiana Gallery

McFarlan- large displacement engine vehicle

Special Interest

Mercedes-Benz Gullwing

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost