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The most significant artifact in the Museum’s collection is the building itself.  It served as the International Headquarters of the Auburn Automobile Company from 1930 - 1936. The site is designated a National Historic Landmark by virtue of what took place here. This is where designers sketched the innovative Auburns and Cords that set the stage for the modern automobile.  E.L. Cord wanted a building and showroom which would reflect the success of the Auburn Automobile Company and showcase the triumphs of the Cord Corporation.  Cord commissioned architect A.M. Strauss of Fort Wayne, Indiana to design a structure in art deco style. It is a magnificent example of the art deco genre.  In 1930 the building contained executive and general offices, design studios, a sales department, an engineering department and an elegant showroom. Today, the various components of the Museum’s collection are mingled with restored offices and work areas that demonstrate their original uses.