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Letter from the Executive Director, Laura Brinkman:

Every year our museum continues to improve, continually growing into an even finer facility that represents some of the grandest automobiles ever made and so much more. It also provides intriguing experiences that generate curiosity and admiration from people of every age. It provides many forms of education in all of the disciplines of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, artistry, and math). Beyond that, its unique building is a magnificent example of Art Deco architecture and the history it unveils is fascinating.

I believe the momentum at the Museum in 2016 has been unparalleled in the Museum’s forty-year history. Long-term plans and projects are coming to fruition, thanks to support from all of you for the Museum and its strategic goals.  And thanks to the Museum staff, trustees, and volunteers who work tirelessly with expertise.

We are now busy planning the next big thing in projects, programs, and activities for the rest of the year, keeping in mind that the leisure preferences of existing audiences continue to change. We are constantly evolving, keeping up with trends and staying relevant. We have an offering of new distinctive merchandising in the Museum Store which is also offered online.

We have recently received several automobiles that fill significant gaps in our collection – automobiles that are on the “wish list” for the permanent collection. The automobile collection is growing in all the right places, ensuring that the world renowned collection offers some of the finest examples of automobiles ever built, allowing us to reveal and validate our automotive history to Museum visitors.

After nearly a year-long study, we obtained a Historic Structure Report on the Museum building. This comprehensive report gives us a road map for the next twenty years or so, regarding preservation and conservation of our number 1 artifact, the Auburn Automobile Company Engineering and Administration Building. You’ll all be hearing more about this in the upcoming months.

We are moving right along – no dust is gathering under our wheels!

Museum Description

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum offers over 120 cars on exhibit on three levels, nine automotive themed galleries allow the visitor to experience everything from classic cars (as defined by the Classic Car Club of America), to Indiana built cars, to racing and engineering themed exhibits and the original Auburn Automobile Company showroom and company offices. 

Strategic Focus & Plan


To preserve for centuries the Auburn Automobile Company headquarters building, Auburns, Cords, Duesenbergs and other fine automobiles and artifacts relevant to documenting and sharing their historical significance.


To collect, document, preserve and interpret relevant artifacts and stories of the Auburn Automobile Company, Duesenberg, Inc., Auburns, Cords, Duesenbergs and other significant automobiles and their heritage of innovation, competition, societal influence and design, engaging communities in enriched, educational and fun experiences that have enduring impact on diverse audiences.

Core Values


Pushing the limits on maintaining the Auburn Automobile Company in its original and existing state, as a public service.


Be recognized for excellence in its collection, exhibitions, educational programs and other activities and through the professionalism and leadership demonstrated by its board, director, staff, and volunteers.


The ideal benchmark in providing inspiration and information, using its brand to differentiate its collection, archival findings, and the building itself.


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