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Nearby Attractions & Events

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival
This world famous festival celebrates the unique automotive heritage of Auburn, Indiana each year over Labor Day weekend. Automotive and non-automotive events are located throughout Auburn's historic Downtown Square and beyond, coordinated by the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival, Inc.

Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum
The Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum houses Flathead V-8 engines, transmissions, and rear axles (many of them cut-a-way models), memorabilia, service items, and automobiles.

The Hoosier Air Museum 
The Hoosier Air Museum is open through the efforts of The Hoosier War Birds, a group dedicated to the preservation of aviation history and to the contributions of local and nationally prominent people to early aviation.

The National Military History Center 
The National Military History Center houses the The World War II Victory Museum. The museum endeavors to preserve the experiences of individuals and nations during the Second World War; educate the public about these experiences; and promote further study of the war and its causes and consequences so that future menaces to freedom, liberty and peace may be readily identified and extinguished

National Auto & Truck Museum (NATM)
The National Auto & Truck Museum is a non-profit museum with emphasis on post World War II cars and trucks, but includes vehicles from 1908 "high wheelers" to current production pick-up trucks. Also featured is a Model Car/Truck & Toy Museum.


DeKalb County Visitors Bureau
The DeKalb County Visitors Bureau invites you to experience DeKalb County.  It's the epitome of small, rural, Midwestern towns with a rich history centered around its transportation heritage. DeKalb County is the home of multiple museums showcasing the history of automobiles, trucks, railroads, aircraft and military hardware. The county has recognized, valued, and preserved its heritage in such a manner as to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Call for packages and tourism information.


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