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1931 Auburn 8–98 Sales Promotion : Collective Advertisers Association, Chicago

Exhibit Summary

In 1931, the Auburn Automobile Company held a raffle in and around Chicago, Illinois as a promotional giveaway of its new 8-98 model. This exhibit highlights the public excitement regarding this raffle, with many scenes of large public crowds hoping for their names to be called.

The Brougham was the most common body style that was awarded to the public, but other body styles such as the Cabriolet and Sedan were also given away to ticket-buyers. Proprietors of local groceries and markets gave tickets to their most loyal customers to be entered into the raffle. Local businesses participating in this promotion such as E.G. Koehler's Quality Meat Market were all members of the Collective Advertisers Association in Chicago.

The Auburn Automobile Company executed many marketing campaigns and promotional programs during the 1920s and the 1930s to help boost the sales of their automobiles. P.P. Willis, Incorporated, a Chicago based advertising agency, served as the main advertising vendor for the Auburn Automobile Company and many of Cord Corporation's other subsidiaries. It is possible that this Chicago based agency had a hand in this promotion. The largest production year for the Auburn Automobile Company was 1931. The automobile manufacturer would never reach profits of the same level again, declaring bankruptcy in 1937.

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1931 Auburn 8–98 Sales Promotion