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The Robert Sheldon Wiley Export Collection : Commerce and Adventure

The photographs and documents presented in this exhibit demonstrate Robert Sheldon Wiley's vision of creating an international export network at the Auburn Automobile Company. Robert Wiley began working for the company in the 1920s after his service in the military during World War One, during which time he travelled extensively around the globe.

Wiley utilized this experience to the benefit of the Auburn Automobile Company, establishing an export business as profitable and substantial as the major American automobile companies during the same period. Throughout Robert Wiley's time as Export Manager, the Auburn Automobile Company developed a network of over one-hundred dealers and distrubotrs in ninety-three countries and two U.S. possessions. Most of the credit for this expansion of export business should be granted to Robert Sheldon Wiley. After the demise of the Auburn Automobile Company in 1937, Robert Wiley continued in the export business, and began a company bearing his own name in Fort Wayne, Indiana that continued for many decades thereafter.

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The Robert Sheldon Wiley Export Collection